Need Tree Help?

Know the facts before hiring an arborist in Bluffton, SC

What are the benefits of tree pruning?

Without proper upkeep overgrown trees can damage your yard and home. Trimming your trees a few times a year will reduce potential home damage and will keep your trees beautiful year round.

How does the tree removal process work?

We strive to remove our customer's trees in the safest way possible. Our process is to slowly cut down the tree in sections. By doing so, this drastically eliminates the possibility of a tree damaging your home or yard. After the tree has been removed we will grind down the stump.

How do I know if my trees are dying?

Not sure if your trees are healthy? Typically, sick trees see a noticeable reduction in leaves, brittle bark, or have tree branches falling off easily. If you are questioning the health of your trees then reach out to the tree experts at Hoft Environmental immediately.